Rebecca Wilson
General information
Full Name
Born c.2002
Rebecca Wilson is the deuteragonist in Spy Kids: All the Time in the World. She is the faternal twin sister of Cecil Wilson (Mason Cook). She has a strong dislike for her new stepmother Marissa and tries to prank her as much as she can. Rebecca gets in trouble at school because of her pranks.


Rebecca is a prankster. She is seen to prank anyone she sees... even strangers. Rebecca has a dislike for her step-mom Marissa, unlike everyone who loves her. Rebecca feels it's a prank knowing Marissa is a spy. She later becomes a spy kid with her twin brother Cecil. She is a third grader as seen in a deleted scene. Rebecca is affected with the death of her mom when she was younger.


Rebecca has a tan skin with brown eyes and straight brown hair. Rebecca is seen to wear her hair in a french braid. She sometimed wears 2 side braids.


Rebecca has a girly yet casual look. She is seen wearing jeans with a girly shirt and converse. At the end she wears OSS clothing. The only jewelry she puts on is the chrono saphire and little earrings.


  • Her mom died when she was a baby.
  • She is a twin.
  • She is a pranster.
  • She has the chronos.
  • She is a spy kid.
  • She is a third grader
  • She dosen't like Marissa Cortez, her step-mom.
  • She is jelous of her baby sister.
  • Her dog's name is Aurgonat.
  • She has a dog.
  • Her teacher's name is Ms. Melina as seen in a deleted scene.
  • She's good at pranks.