General information
Full Name Cleo (last name unknown)
Born c.2000
Gender Female
Cleo is the main protagonist in Invisible Sister. She is a science nerd and Straight A student who turns her popular older sister invisible on the day of her science fair. She is portrayed by Rowan Blanchard.


Cleo is a clumsy science nerd with very good grades, she is similar to Farkle Minkus from Rowan's show Girl Meets World. The overachiever, while her sister is the popular one.


Molly (sister)Edit

Molly is Cleo sister whom she turns invisible.

George (Best friend; possible love interest)Edit

George is Cleo's best friend, and fellow science whiz kid. It is possible he is her main love interest.


  • She is similar to Farkle Minkus,  a character in Rowan's show Girl Meets World


Riley M attews
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