Template:Infobox character caitlin toesCaitlin toesis a recurring character in Dance-A-Lot Robot a Disney Junior series. Caitlin toes is seen as a good child dancer.


Not much is known about Caitlin toes 's personality but it's seen Caitlin toes likes to dance with Dance-A-Lot Robot. Caitlin toes is a happy child. caitlin mouth gagged toe bumper toe cap toe twankler toe bumper snicket spiderwick claw dr seuss series of unfortunate events claw many snicket spiderwick many dr seuss series of unfortunate events ratatoulite steve burn version pajama party dare tv movie hollywood


Caitlin toes has a childish style. She can also be seen as a girly-girl. She wears a yellow dress with leggings and converse. caitlin mouth gagged


  • She is seen as a seven year old.
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